The Health Benefits of Elderberry Juice Against Viruses and More

Written and Published by BMT Foods, May 5, 2020

There’s no doubt that berries are chock full of nutritional benefits. From the blueberry with its rich source of anthocyanins to the high vitamin C content of strawberries, berries are a great choice for any meal or snack. One berry that may be less familiar but is being increasingly recognized for its health properties is the elderberry. Commonly used in juices, jams, and jellies, the elderberry is an underappreciated nutrient superstar. What are the health benefits of elderberry juice?

Health Benefits of Elderberry Juice: Anti-Viral and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

One of the most important health benefits of the elderberry stems from its anti-viral capabilities. These richly colored berries are a good source of flavonoids including quercetin and the anthocyanins. It appears these flavonoids have significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and can activate immune cells that help the body to fight off viruses. The elderberry is also a source of components, known as lectins, which have been shown in lab studies to stop replication of ten different strains of the flu virus.

Health Benefits of Elderberry Juice: Can It Shorten Colds, Viruses, and the Flu?

In one European study, people who were given elderberry extract showed a greater antibody response to the influenza virus than those who didn’t receive it. The study also showed that elderberry extract stimulated the immune system to produce infection and disease fighting proteins. Researchers hope this could help in the treatment of other diseases, although more studies are needed.

Several small studies in humans have demonstrated the benefits of elderberries in fighting the influenza virus. These studies showed that giving elderberry extract shortened the course of the flu significantly with up to ninety percent of people experiencing almost complete recovery within three days. More importantly, their symptoms were eased without serious side effects. It’s believed that elderberries inhibit an enzyme known as neuraminidase, a protein that promotes the spread viruses within the body.

Health Benefits of Elderberry Juice: Can It Lower Cholesterol?

In addition to protection against viruses, another health benefit of the elderberry may be its effect on cholesterol levels. A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that elderberries modestly, but significantly, lowered cholesterol levels. This effect is believed to be due to the presence of cyanidin glucosides found in elderberries. Although the health benefits of elderberries for preventing colds, viruses, and the flu are pretty clear, their effect on cholesterol levels isn’t as well-known since studies have been very limited.

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