Mature Coconuts: A Key Ingredient in Many Different Coconut Products

Written and Published by BMT Foods, May 30, 2023

Mature coconut is harvested when the nuts are around 11 to 12 months of age. The added months allows the coconut meat to thicken and the actual shell inside the husk to harden into the brown coconuts that come to mind when talking about coconuts. The husk becomes drier, and the water has a higher fat content and is less sweet as most of the nutrients have been absorbed by the coconut meat.

Mature coconuts have many uses in both food and non-food products.

Aside from the other non-food products mentioned in our Young Coconut article, mature coconuts have a shell that can be used. Most companies use this as fuel for their boilers to power the factory, but shells can also be used for handicrafts and other decorative products.

Popular varieties in the Philippines used for production are the Laguna Tall and Baybay Tall. Although dwarf varieties have become popular in the recent years, most of the traditional plantations that have existed for 30 to 50 years still would use the tall variety as it allows for intercropping below.

A number of food and beverage products can be produced from mature coconuts. Here are some of the most well-known:

Coconut Water

In the factory, mature coconuts arrive with the husk already removed. After inspection, the first step in processing is drilling and dewatering. Mature coconut water is collected in a batch tank and tested prior to concentration or UHT processing. Mature coconut water is what is being used by most brands that became popular during the coconut water boom. It is slightly less sweet than young coconut water but has a very similar nutritional profile.

Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated Coconut, also known as DC, has long been a staple of many coconut factories. Americans actually popularized this over 100 years ago by setting up factories in the Philippines to produce Desiccated Coconut. DC is very popular for desserts and baking applications, and from a nutritional perspective it has a lot of fiber and fat content. The fat that is contained in the DC can be extracted to become Virgin Coconut Oil.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil can be produced from either dry or wet coconut meat. The most common process is squeezing the coconut oil from desiccated coconut. Virgin Coconut Oil is made up of 50% MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) along with a number of Long Chain Fatty Acids. For years this has been used as a health supplement that can be ingested or applied on the skin and hair. It is popular due to its antiviral properties and health benefits that can aid with some diseases. It also has lauric acid, which is a component of breast milk.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)

MCT oil can be made from either palm or coconut oil, but only coconut oil will have laurin. MCT oil has to be produced by fractionating coconut oil, which will create MCT oil and a number of fractionated oils as byproducts. What makes MCT oil so popular is that it quickly turns into energy within the body as opposed to being stored – and that makes it great for LCHF or Keto diets.

Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream

Depending on the fat content, the white liquid produced from coconut meat will either be referred to as coconut milk or coconut cream. Coconut Cream is usually sold at 25% and 30% fat, while Coconut Milk is usually 17% fat and below. This is produced by mixing the shredded coconut meat with water and squeezing it to produce coconut cream which is usually 24% fat.

Both Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream are very popular as a non-dairy substitute and has numerous applications. In today’s market, it is used to produce beverages, yogurt, ice cream, soup bases, and a number of culinary applications.

You can use Mature Coconuts in many different food and beverage products with multiple applications.

Mature Coconut products can be used in many applications and are the perfect food ingredient for a variety of foods and beverages. With so many uses for Mature Coconuts, BMT Foods is ready to meet your food or beverage needs today. We have products in-stock and ready to ship. Please contact us today to learn more.