Coconut Nectar: The Healthier Sweetener Alternative

Written and Published by BMT Foods, July 20, 2021

People are familiar with two key sweetening ingredients in a wide variety of recipes – maple syrup and agave – as these ingredients can really boost the flavor of even the simplest recipe or creation. However, both products are high in sugar and calories. Furthermore, cane sugar and honey, two other sweeteners, are also high in calories and raise blood sugar levels very quickly.

Fortunately, the good news is that coconut nectar is an alternative sweetener that enhances flavor and provides the sweetness that many recipes call for without adding high sugar content and with fewer calories.

What is Coconut Nectar?

Coconut nectar is the syrup harvested from the sap of the flower of the coconut palm. In its liquid form, it carries much of the same taste as maple syrup or agave, making it an ideal candidate as a healthier alternative sweetener. To this day, the coconut nectar sourced by BMT Foods is harvested by hand, as it has been for many years, with the sap collected drop by drop.

Coconut nectar is natural and minimally processed. When harvested, the coconut nectar sourced by BMT Foods has a darker amber color, and a complex and caramelized taste. Since its minimally processed, coconut nectar does not have an overbearing flavor and can be easily incorporated into many different products or recipes without complicating the overall flavor profile. Coconut nectar is perfect for granola products, different toppings, dressings/marinades, baked foods, ice cream, coffee/tea beverages, cocktails, and more. Many people like to add a small amount of coconut nectar to their favorite foods, too.

There are many health benefits of coconut nectar versus traditional sweeteners. Below are four key health benefits of using coconut nectar in your recipes or products:

1. It helps your overall gut health with helpful prebiotic bacteria.

Coconut nectar contains prebiotic enzymes which may help promote a “healthy gut” by counterbalancing harmful gut bacteria and producing more probiotic “friendly” bacteria. For those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, GERD, and other stomach conditions, coconut nectar is a great fit for healthy, stomach-friendly recipes and products.

2. It does not spike your blood sugar like other sweeteners do.

Coconut nectar helps you sweeten foods and beverages while maintaining healthy blood sugar (glucose) levels. One main reason is that coconut nectar contains inulin, a starchy substance which has been shown to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Additionally, coconut nectar does not spike blood sugar levels due to a low Glycemic Index value (35, compared to over 50 or higher for cane sugar.)

3. It contains potassium, an important electrolyte, for energy and hydration.

Potassium is an essential mineral provided in some of the foods you eat. Coconut nectar contains potassium in every serving. As an electrolyte, it helps carry nutrients and minerals throughout the body to help you maintain water balance, proper hydration, and overall health. Potassium also helps regulate blood pressure and heart functionality. Since its not produced naturally, it’s important to get potassium from coconut nectar and other foods.

4. It provides a variety of amino acids and nutrients, for healthy cell building and repair.

The coconut nectar sourced by BMT Foods contains around 17 amino acids, including all nine essential amino acids. It also contains 65 naturally occurring micronutrients and minerals, including iron, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B, and an array of antioxidants. All these nutrients help regulate cell growth, minimize free radicals which accelerate aging, and may even help prevent certain types of diseases or cancers.

Coconut nectar is gaining popularity for great reasons.

Originally not found much in the Western world, coconut nectar has gained popularity in recent years as consumers look for healthier alternatives to promote healthier lifestyles. With a delicious caramel taste, numerous health benefits, the same sweetening power as other higher-calorie sweeteners, and global availability, it’s no surprise that coconut nectar is now loved by millions of people globally.

BMT Foods works closely with our trusted coconut suppliers. We source coconut nectar, along with other products such as coconut aminos, coconut water, and more. We are available to answer any questions you have about our product offerings. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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