6 Health Benefits of Sweet Potato Juice

Written and Published by BMT Foods, September 25, 2019

In the past few years, the sweet potato has emerged in popularity as more than just the stuff of casseroles, pies and that candied dish Aunt Susan brings to holiday dinners. Many people now use sweet potatoes as a tastier, healthier alternative to white potatoes (sweet potato fries, anyone?). But even that doesn’t tell the whole story. As it turns out, sweet potatoes are among the most all-around nutritious and sustaining foods available and juicing them can amplify their health benefits. BMT Foods offers sweet potato juice concentrate among its wide variety of healthy juice products.

The health benefits of sweet potato juice are practically too many to count—so we’ve compressed the list down to the top six.

1. Excellent Source of Beta Carotene

The sweet potato is one of the world’s richest natural sources of beta carotene, an essential antioxidant our bodies use for the creation of Vitamin A. Beta carotene is proven to offer a wide range of health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke; reducing the effects of osteoporosis, arthritis and other inflammatory illnesses; and even slowing down cognitive decline in the elderly.

2. Excellent for Reducing Stress

The potassium found in sweet potatoes, along with magnesium, have been shown to help alleviate stress and promote a greater sense of calm. Many people are turning to magnesium supplements these days to help reduce stress; sweet potato juice offers a more natural alternative to help you relax.

3. Excellent for Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps usually point to a deficiency of potassium in the body. A sweet potato has more potassium than even a banana. If you suffer from muscle cramps, sweet potato juice can serve as a natural source of relief.

4. Excellent for the Fetus

Sweet potato juice is rich in folate, which contributes to the healthy development of cells and tissues in the fetus. If you are pregnant and want to give your baby a healthy start, you can’t do much better than to make sweet potato juice a regular part of your diet.

5. Excellent for Regulating Blood Sugar

Ironically considering its name, the sweet potato contains relatively low amounts of sugar, and is in fact considered a diabetic-friendly food for its resistance to insulin and its ability to regulate blood sugar. For this reason, sweet potato juice can be extremely helpful to diabetics in particular.

6. Excellent for Digestion

Sweet potato juice is an incredibly rich source of natural dietary fiber, which cleans the GI tract, reduces digestive inflammation and supports regularity. In addition, the ample amounts of Vitamin D, beta carotene and potassium can help relieve or prevent heartburn and stomach ulcers.

As we mentioned, these are a few of the many health benefits to be found in sweet potato juice. BMT Foods is pleased to offer sweet potato juice concentrate as part of its nutrient-rich product line, and we would love to speak with you about your needs. For details and answers to your questions, reach out to us today.

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