Three Trends from June BevNET Live & Cannabis Conferences in NYC

Written and Published by BMT Foods, July 1, 2019

BMT Foods attended the BevNET Live Beverage & Cannabis Conferences in NYC, June 12th-14th. BevNET Live showcased exciting developments within the beverage industry – and BMT Foods had a front-row seat to the latest and greatest.

Day 1 started with a make-your-own breakfast by 7:30am! Featuring pomegranate arils, we enjoyed avocado toast. YUM! From there, it was all about beverage. BMT Foods listened in on various beverage product presentations and demonstrations. Here are three of the most-notable beverage trends at BevNET Live this year.


1. CBD beverages are flourishing within the beverage industry.

Much of the U.S. is now familiar with the term CBD (Cannabidiol), but the power of CBD aiding relaxation is still being discovered among the masses. In a recent survey of CBD consumers, the top 4 reasons cited for using CBD were Relaxation, Stress Relief, Anxiety Reduction & Improved Sleep. The new world of CBD beverages is expected to go mainstream within the beverage industry. At BevNet Live, BMT Foods discovered that there are a lot of CBD-based beverages all catering to a variety of markets. Some notable beverages included:

  • Proposition Cocktail Company’s CBD cocktail beverages, which come in varieties such as Smokey Margarita and Turmeric Ginger Mule.
  • Weller’s zero-calorie CBD sparkling water, with 25mg of CBD in every can, and in flavors that include Watermelon and Tangerine.
  • Cann, who bills itself as the “first cannabis-infused social tonic” aims to target those looking for a light buzz as an alternative to alcohol by blending CBD and a small amount of THC in a can.


2. Nutrient-rich coffees, teas, and tonics.

Made from yaupon tea, known as yaupon, and blending caffeine and theobromine – a compound also found in chocolate, YAYAYA is a novel tea product that is worth watching. We kicked off our day sampling it, and quickly discovered that the brand was only the first of dozens showcased on Day One of BevNET Live, with other notable drinks sampled including:

  • Sunwink, an herbal tonic that blends at least 1,000 milligrams of herbal extracts in every bottle.
  • Mother Kombucha’s Turmeric Ginger Lemonade, which has less Kombucha flavor than most Kombucha beverages.
  • Vital Proteins’ Collagen Water, with contains 10 grams of collagen in one bottle and comes in flavors that include Blackberry Hibiscus and Blueberry Mint.


3. Energy drinks have matured and offer a serious alternative to traditional coffee.

With today’s consumer looking to make health-conscious choices or seek relaxation, whether it be through the consumption of nutrient-rich or CBD-based beverages, it’s tempting to think that energy drinks were just a passing fad. However, at BevNET Live, BMT Foods confirmed that energy drinks are still flourishing – just in a slightly different beverage format. Two notable, emerging energy drink brands included:

  • BRWD, which makes caffeinated “refreshing energy drinks” in blends such as Citrus + Ginger and Cherry + Rhubarb.
  • Califia Farms, which produces its Nitro Draft Latte, with 185 milligrams of caffeine in one can, served from Direct Trade-sourced coffee beans from Colombia, Guatemala, and El Salvador.


BMT Foods greatly enjoyed our time at the BevNET Live Beverage & Cannabis Conferences, where we learned about many exciting developments within the beverage industry. We look forward to helping you bring the next big beverage trend to market, by fulfilling your bulk ingredient requirements. We can assist with ingredient needs for nearly any type of beverage. The knowledgeable BMT Foods team is ready to speak with you.

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